Tuesday, April 6, 2010

San Francisco Deciding on Meat-Free Mondays

Resolution would deem Mondays ‘meat-free’
By: Joshua Sabatini Examiner Staff Writer
April 6, 2010

Better think twice about eating meat on Monday. That’s about to become San Francisco’s official “meat-free” day.

Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, who says she has been a vegetarian for 40 years, introduced a resolution, titled Meat-Free Mondays, declaring every Monday to be Vegetarian Day or Veg Day.

The Board of Supervisors votes today on the legislation, which would “urge all restaurants, grocery stores and schools to offer a greater variety of plant-based options to improve the health of San Francisco residents and visitors and to increase the awareness of the impact a green diet would be on our planet.”

Going on a vegetarian diet is both good for one’s health and also the environment, the legislation says. Cutting back on eating meats “reduces serious ecological problems involved in livestock production” and “plant-based diets are good preventative medicine and could help reduce medical costs.” Read More

It’s almost too hard to believe, but I can’t make this stuff up. Apparently with no research or science to back up anything this woman is claiming, this Board of Supervisors is going to make this decision. The facts are that humans need to eat a balanced diet, every day, in order be as healthy as possible. It’s obvious that this woman has done nothing but read scary headlines in order to make her dietary decisions and now she’s going to spread that misinformation on to others as well.


Anastasia Bodnar said...

There is actually strong research showing that reducing animal products in the diet has health benefits. That doesn't mean that anyone should necessarily be vegetarian or vegan, but advocating that people switch from larger amounts of cheaper meat to smaller amounts of higher quality meat makes a lot of sense both economically and nutritionally for the individual as well as being beneficial for farmers in animal ag. Perhaps Ms. Maxwell should provide some peer-reviewed research to back up her advocation meat-free Mondays, but there is something behind the headlines.

KCK said...

We don't push our "eat meat" agenda's as the end all cure all to everything, why can they? I love balanced, colorful meals with added ZIP. I guess I am lucky my parents raised me to eat in moderation and in color. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Since when does the Board of Supervisors have dietary experience ?
This is something that should be left to the families. Why don't you just have everyone in the city stop selling junk food? Of course if you did that, the city would lose a lot of revenue brought in by stupid taxes they seem to think is going to get the city out of the hole they have dug for themselves by being irresponsible
in THEIR spending.

Anonymous said...

Don't hassle them with the facts! What is wrong with you?

geekmom said...

crazy leftist nuts. what a waste of taxpayer time and money. isn't it time we vote the nuts out?