Friday, April 9, 2010

Activists Protest Donkey Basketball

Animal rights activists protest donkey basketball
by Ray Lane

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Donkey basketball -- is it clean fun, or simply cruel?

On Wednesday night, animal rights activists targeted Snohomish High School, where the popular annual family event took center court.

Simple advice and a pep talk paved the way for the tipoff, and a stampede of action on the court. Eight donkeys jumped into action with players on their backs.

The event was a fundraiser for a senior class graduation party with teachers and staff in black jerseys taking on the students in white.

But not everyone thinks it's fun and games. Animal rights activists quietly protested outside, saying it's simply cruel.

"The donkeys are pushed, kicked, shoved, and prodded to do something that is unnatural for them and confusing," said protester David Schirk. Read More

If you have ever owned or worked with a donkey you already know what happens when you try to make a donkey do something it doesn’t want to do. If these donkeys were suffering from abuse as claimed by these animal rights activists, they simply wouldn’t cooperate. Especially when you consider that people with very limited experience are riding them most of the time, it means the donkeys are in control most of the time doing what they want to do. As with most situations like this, those who are doing the complaining have the least amount of knowledge of the situation.


Anonymous said...

Liability... because PEOPLE get hurt. Never heard of a donkey injury in one of those games (and, in TX, it gets played plenty)... Gah, the utter idiocy of some people!

Bea Elliott said...

You know Troy... You may be on to something - Certainly those slaves picking that cotton mustn't have been treated "that" badly or they never would have gotten up the next day to do the same thing all over again.

And sure... How typical that some busy-bodies who didn't even own slaves were trying to judge what was right or wrong on a plantation owners property. Why the nerve of some people!

Never thought of it that way... How brilliant! Thanks for the enlightenment.