Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Vegan Streaker

Vegan streaker 'planned to attack queen'
Tuesday 21 July 2009

An animal rights activist known as the vegan streaker has been arrested on suspicion of planning to attack queen Beatrix, his lawyer Gerard Spong told the Volkskrant on Tuesday.

The public prosecution department said earlier that Peter Janssen is suspected of preparing an attack and possessing a gun. Two computers were taken from homes in Wissekerke and Vught, where the 24-year-old's mother lives.

Later the department said Janssen was suspected of planning to attack the queen because she regularly wears fur in public. The arrest followed 'extensive' testimony, the department said.

'We think the police took action on the basis of an anonymous, vague tip,' Spong told the paper.

He pointed out that no gun was found during the search of the properties.

Janssen will appear in court on Wednesday.


Janssen, who was arrested earlier this year for releasing 2,500 mink on a fur farm, first hit the headlines a year ago when he disrupted filming of the Paul de Leeuw tv show, wearing only underpants.

He has also been caught streaking at the ABN Amro tennis tournament, a Champions Trophy hockey match and the Tilburg Ten Mile road race. Link

I’m sure that for most of you the burning question you have is where would a vegan streaker hide his gun? But the more important question is why do these vegan animal rights activists feel that violence against their fellow human beings will help their cause? Even though many of them continue to say that their movement is based on peace and valuing life, their actions continue to show their true violent tendencies.

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