Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calgary Papers Reject Ad

Calgary papers reject ad opposing Stampede event, group says
Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:59pm EDT
By Nina Lex

TORONTO, June 29 (Reuters) - Two daily newspapers in Calgary, Alberta, are under fire from an animal rights group after they refused to publish an advertisement calling for a ban on the calf-roping event at the city's world famous Stampede rodeo.

The Vancouver Humane Society said on Monday the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun, the two daily newspapers published in the Western Canadian city, declined to run an ad that showed a photo of a cowboy about to throw a roped calf to the ground. The calf is labeled "baby" and the cowboy is labeled "bully."

The society accused the papers of behaving unethically and denying its right to free speech.

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It’s nice to see that newspapers are capapble of using common sense. Calf roping, along with most of the rodeo events, gets accused of being cruel to animals. They like to set the stage against calf roping by saying that they are only a few months old. They are young calves, but they also weigh several hundred pounds and can in no way be compared to a human at that same age.

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