Thursday, July 16, 2009

CEO's See Value of Ag Education

Indiana's Agricultural Competitiveness Built and Dependent on Quality Education

By: Inside INdiana Business

Agriculture's value to all of us is undeniable. It is an industry that satisfies our most basic needs for human life and further enhances our quality of living. At no other time in history has agriculture been charged with so many additional responsibilities. It is the industry the world looks to when faced with extreme hunger, searching for new sources of energy, developing new foods to improve human health, and addressing climate change, among others.

Agriculture is poised to offer new solutions to these modern-day challenges, simultaneously creating enormous opportunities for the industry. It will be forced, however, to rely even more heavily on the ingenuity of its producers and businesses and the development of more groundbreaking technologies.

The third Indiana CEO Survey, conducted and presented by Inside INdiana Business, Ice Miller LLP and Butler University, captures the opinions of over 350 Indiana chief executives from all areas of the state and from a wide range of manufacturing, service, and not-for-profit organizations. Asked about the strength of education in Indiana focused on specific industries, agriculture rated highest – ahead of life sciences, advanced manufacturing, information technology and alternative energy sources. Read More

It’s always nice to read some encouraging articles in the news. Like the article says, agriculture continues to have more responsibilities thrust upon us, and the importance of this has not been missed by the CEO’s that took this survey. Without a solid agricultural foundation, many other industries, along with the sovereignty of our nation, are in jeopardy. So even though this looks like some great news for us, we still have a lot of work to do in educating our consumers on the importance of modern agriculture.

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