Friday, July 31, 2009

Pacelle Says Go Veg To Save Planet

Ignoring the Cow in the Room
By Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS, 7/30/09

Washington Post writer Ezra Klein has a large following of readers interested in his take on politics. The Economist even named him one of the “minds of the moment.” But it’s his views on animal agriculture’s substantial contribution to the climate change problem that caught my attention this week. I’ve blogged about the issue, and The HSUS even has an advertising campaign on the subject, but it’s still a matter far removed from the thoughts of most policy makers and even many environmental organizations.

In a Washington Post print edition column published yesterday, Klein reminds readers, or in many respects provides primary information to readers, about the connection between our societal demand for meat, egg, and dairy products and climate change. He notes that if we’re really concerned about climate change, “there's no reason to ignore the impact of what we put on our plates.” And, like The HSUS, he doesn’t demand all or nothing. Klein makes it clear: “Going vegetarian might not be as effective as going vegan, but it's better than eating meat, and eating meat less is better than eating meat more.”

If you want to take action on a personal level, there’s no better way to get engaged than to eat lower on the food chain, at least on a periodic basis. And as a matter of policy, we can no longer give a free pass to animal agribusiness if we are going to take a comprehensive look at the climate change problem.

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Yesterday I highlighted the misinformation that was included in an article which was advocating for eating less meat in order to halt global warming. Well, Wayne Pacelle didn’t miss this chance to forward on an article that was advocating vegetarianism. So even though he continues to say they aren’t advocating for the end of animal agriculture, their actions, and his blog, continue to say otherwise. Regardless of what he says where, there is no doubt that the Humane Society of the United States and Wayne Pacelle are trying to put family livestock operations out of business.


Kristin said...

How would it make sense to quit eating meat. I would think that if we increases our meet consumption, then the so called "problematic cattle" would decrease in population. I will do my part and eat more beef!

Caleb said...

I think Wayne Pacelle should listen to people who know something about science instead of ridiculously misinformed writers! He could start by listening to the Rural Route radio program from yesterday that highlights a interesting conversation with a Washington State University dairy science researcher. She pointed out that less than 3% of carbon emissions in the united states are directly the result of all of animal agriculture. Why don't facts and science speak loud enough for these people anymore.

Anonymous said...

Pacelle advocates that people eat less meat in his blog. That seems like something much of the public health community is also advocating, as well as an increasing number of mainstream environmental groups. Doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

Troy Hadrick said...

The problem is that eating less meat hasn't been shown to improve your health or the environment. If they were truly worried about improving people's health, Pacelle would be advocating that people eat the proper amount of meat, as recommended by the food pyramid. So yes, what Pacelle is advocating is a bad idea since it is based on faulty information.