Monday, December 22, 2008

Netherlands Deals With Activists

Netherlands to crack down on animal rights extremism

BRUSSELS, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Netherlands will set up a special police unit to address radical actions against individuals and companies by animal rights activists, the Home Affairs Ministry said.

The special team, which also includes members from the public prosecution department and the Dutch intelligence service, will try to prevent dangerous intimidation practices by extreme animal rights organizations, Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst was quoted by local newspaper De Telegraaf as saying Sunday.

The decision followed repeated attacks on company or individual properties in the Netherlands by animal rights activists.

The latest one occurred early Saturday morning when two cars of a top executive of NYSE Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange, which were parked in front of his home in the western Dutch town of Wassenaar, were set on fire. Read More

We aren’t the only country in the world that are dealing with animal rights activists that are trying to kill people to convey their message. These criminals continue to threaten and intimidate executives and researchers that are engaged in animal testing that could eventually save your life someday. My challenge to these groups would be to only use products, including medical treatments that haven’t come about through the use of animals. There is no doubt their life span would be drastically shortened.


Tracy H. said...

Animal-rights activists in the U.S. are not trying to kill people, nor have they.

Further in that story it mentions that other "violent" acts the activists have committed include spray-painting graffiti and bringing a mourning wreath to someone's home. Scary stuff, huh?

Troy Hadrick said...

Actually animal rights activists have tried to kill people in the US. Just this August in California, a families house was firebombed while they slept and they had to escape through a second story window. This includes the small children that were in the house. Was that not "violent"enough for you. Or how about the threats of putting shotgun shells in the tailpipes of vehicles so that it would cause an explosion. So you can't say they haven't attempted to murder people. When it comes to destroying others personal property with vandalism you make it sound like thats OK? Regardless of how violent it is, when activists do this, it boils them down to common criminals and earns them the label of domestic terrorists. Have you participated in some of these activities? Is that why you are trying to defend them. No reasonable person would defend attempted murder and vandalism.

Tracy H. said...

You can't site the August incident because no one knows who the perpetrators were. No one has been charged.

If activists are "common criminals," how can they also be "domestic terrorists"?

No, actually I haven't been involved in any of these activities, yet I'm still considered a terrorist because I pose a danger to the profits of the animal-abuse industry.

Troy Hadrick said...

The animal rights extremists posted these people information and threatened them. To claim that it could have been a random act and not from animal rights people is not being very intellectually honest on your part. And yes they are common criminals that soceity has deemed to fall under the category of domestic terrorism.

I haven't called you a terrorist yet you continue to call me an animal abuser. I would offer you an invitation to come tour ranching country and point out my abuses. Those of us in the livestock industry do not approve of any type of abuse, just like yourself.