Monday, December 29, 2008

I Love Prime Rib For the Holidays

Good deeds stained with animal blood

"So while you're home today eating your sweet, sweet holiday turkey, I hope you'll all choke ... just a little bit."

-Kent Brockman, Channel 6 News

That charming little quote is from The Simpson's, and while I consider it to be one of the funniest shows on television, I honestly have no desire to see anyone suffer ... not even a little bit.

I would, however, like people to think about the choices they make and why they do the things they do, especially when it comes to the way we treat others in the pursuit of own individual interests.

Christmas easily comes to mind. It's a time of sharing, family gatherings and being thankful for what we have.

We spend the days and weeks leading up to Christmas looking for just the right gifts for family and friends, feeling all good inside about how nice and thoughtful we are. Perhaps we even do some volunteer work to ease the suffering of those less fortunate.

Then on Christmas Day, after all the presents are exchanged and the smell of homecooking fills the house, we take our places at the dinner table, say a little prayer, and feast on the slaughtered remains of some defenceless turkey, goose or pig.

In the name of peace, love and goodwill towards others we cause or sanction the unnecessary suffering and violent deaths of other animals, and think nothing of it. Read More

I’m always slightly amused when someone writes an article and manages to fit in every buzz word and sound bite that the animal rights crowd has to offer. This is the mentality that we are up against. Trying to give human qualities to animals is a very dangerous road for our society to go down. No one is more qualified to educate our country about the importance of using our natural resources than those of us in agriculture.

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