Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arrow Rock Update

Arrow Rock Decision Announced but Concerns Remain

"The ruling yesterday by Cole County Circuit Court Judge Patricia Joyce regarding concentrated animal feeding operations improves upon her original decision however serious concerns remain," said Charles Kruse, president of Missouri Farm Bureau. "We are pleased the Judge modified her August ruling by clarifying it applies only to the proposed Gessling operation near Arrow Rock, Missouri; however, the fact is there remains no demonstrated need to impose a buffer over and above what is already required by state law, and this ruling could set a needless and harmful precedent."

The Gessling family has raised hogs in Saline County for many years. They decided to expand their farm operation and in doing so complied with all applicable laws and regulations. The amended ruling by Judge Joyce specifies that no concentrated animal feeding operation which may be proposed by the Gessling family or their successors can be located within two miles of the Village of Arrow Rock and the Sappington Cemetery State Historic Site. Link

The ruling at Arrow Rock was an incredible display of judicial activism. While the clarified ruling helped some, the fact remains that agriculture is under attack by the actions of this single judge.

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