Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EU Considers Pesticide Ban

The Future of Food: Farming without Pesticides?

Are European policy makers about to inadvertently deal a blow to food production and retail security?

This looks like a highly possible outcome, as European Union (EU) regulators go through the process of formulating new legislation that will limit the availability of pesticides on the European market.

In an effort to purportedly create safer food and a cleaner environment, policy makers in Brussels are in danger of ignoring the importance of pesticides for the sustainability of a continuous, Europe-produced supply of fresh foods.

In farms across the UK and Europe, alarm bells are ringing. If the proposals become law, European crop yields will fall dramatically and retail prices will rise significantly.

A report by ADAS, a British environmental consultancy, states that if the regulations are adopted, the UK could face a 25% reduction of the production of wheat, potatoes and green vegetables. Read More

With the European Union already importing around 40% of the food supply, dealing a blow like this to their ag community would only increase that number. These technologies are essential tools that will help us double food production in the next 50 years. While I am sure there are good intentions by the people pushing for this ban, the unintended consequences would be dire.

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