Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Temporary Ban Nearly Resolved

Mexico Meat Importers Say Ban On US Plants 'Only Temporary'

MEXICO CITY --A Mexican suspension of U.S. meat imports is "only temporary" and occurred for technical reasons, not food-safety issues or retaliatory reasons, Mexican meat importers said Friday.

Meat importers and other industry officials told Dow Jones Newswires that U.S. fears that the decision to ban imports from about 30 U.S. meat plants was in retaliation against a new U.S. country-of-origin labeling law, which Mexico has objected to, were ungrounded.

"The Mexican government has temporarily issued a ban on imports from these plants because they were shipping meat in bulk of over 50 kilograms, and that's against the Mexican regulations for meat shipments," said a person close to the Mexican Meat Industry Council. Read More

Anytime you hear that one of your largest customers isn’t happy, you should be concerned. That is exactly why Mexico’s suspension of meat imports caught everyone’s attention. I’m glad to see that it was mostly a technical issue and had nothing to do with food safety or the COOL laws.

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