Thursday, September 18, 2008

Young Agriculturalists

Despite Economy, Farming Appeals to the Young
Posted on: Tuesday, 16 September 2008, 21:00 CDT
By Chris Kick

It is difficult to grab a newspaper or magazine today -- and totally impossible to listen to a TV reporter -- without seeing some doom and gloom article concerning the economy. I have had the distinct pleasure to personally witness the complete opposite during the last couple of weeks. In the rural areas of my three counties -- Ashland, Medina and Wayne -- entrepreneurial optimism abounds.

Farm families are expanding their operations in order to accommodate younger family members who are returning from college and wish to begin farming as a career. Some of these young people have dabbled in other career options for a few years only to discover farming is their first love and the life they want for their own young families.

The decision to expand the existing farming operation is far from an easy one. The investment in new buildings, more livestock and equipment is a sizable encumbrance. These young farmers are getting to know their bankers quite well. The bankers have helped the young entrepreneurs analyze the many risks involved -- weather, volatile markets, rising utility costs, consumer trends, etc. Even with these same concerns most business owners face, these young people are willing to take the risks for the rewards of reasonable profit and a wonderful rural lifestyle for themselves and their children. Read More

Young farmers and ranchers are undoubtedly excited about taking the challenge of feeding a growing population head on. With new production techniques and an old fashioned work ethic, our future food supply is in good hands.

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