Monday, September 8, 2008

Telling the Story of Ag

KLA: Exhibits Illustrate Agriculture’s Importance To The General Public

The Kansas State Fair opens tomorrow for a 10-day run in Hutchinson. Several exhibits at the fair are designed to show the state’s largely urban population the importance of agriculture. Agriland, in the Pride of Kansas building, will provide interactive displays focusing on different facets of agriculture. The animal birthing center will include an exhibit featuring ultrasound demonstrations on pregnant animals.

Children, parents and teachers can learn the art of milking a cow as part of the Agriland experience. The six-foot-tall cow has a motion-activated sound card that produces cow noises when someone approaches. It has a self-contained pump to circulate fluid milked from the udder into a stainless steel pail. Other displays include a soil tunnel, every-day items made from ag by-products and an interactive game highlighting careers in agriculture. Volunteers from the cooperating commodity groups, including the Kansas Beef Council and the Kansas CattleWomen, will staff the Agriland exhibit at the fair. Read More

Anytime we have the opportunity to get out and tell the story of agriculture, we need to take advantage. And what better spot to tell it than at a state fair. It is one of the ultimate gatherings of rural and urban people. The best thing about it is people can experience the smells, touch things, and hear the sounds and we can explain what it is they are sensing.

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