Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Using Religion Against Animal Ag

AFF Sentinel: Waging Political Wars; Now Hijacking Faith

We have a message we have to get out to our fellow Americans. If the "cruelty" and "misery" HSUS alleges were really common in the livestock industry, the industry would have collapsed years ago. If today's professional farmers and the rest of the livestock chain really created conditions in which animals were not contented, did not thrive and grow, they would lose their livelihood and their money. HSUS does not understand economics any better than it knows the real instincts and needs of animals.

But they do understand emotional appeals to voters and the political approaches to getting what they want. They have been successful at banning common livestock production practices in Florida, Arizona, and Oregon. They have forced legislation that is a defensive surrender in Colorado. Restrictive proposals are on the ballot in California's election this fall. Observers feel their strategy is to get legislation or constitutional amendments in 12-15 states and then use those results to pressure Congress into national legislation. Read More

The attempts of animal rights groups to use religion in their quest to eliminate animal agriculture in this country continue to grow. Many of the major religions have established policy that discourages eating meat because they have either deemed it cruel to animals or bad for the environment. While neither of these is the case, it shows how easily influenced people are that aren’t familiar with animal agriculture.

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