Monday, September 8, 2008

Milk, The Cancer Fighter

Milk May Help Prevent Cancer

Milk may help fight cancer, according to a group of researchers at Flinders University in Adelaide.

The researchers are currently exploring the role of cow's milk in preventing bowel cancer through a research.

The university has said it is expecting to have clear evidence by the end of the year on the role milk could play in boosting the anti-cancer properties of a natural trace element, selenium.

In a human trial, the cancer expert Graeme Young is testing the benefit of selenium when delivered through cow's milk compared with other forms of the dietary supplement. Read More

The importance of milk in a healthy diet continues to be proven in study after study. The dairy industry is responsible for so many food products and is a key component in agriculture’s efforts to feed the world. As with beef cattle, dairy cattle have the unique ability to convert roughages, that humans can’t utilize, into useable forms of calcium, protein, vitamins, zinc, iron and more.

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