Monday, September 8, 2008

A Reporter's Agenda Against Agriculture

Local hog farms produce offensive fumes

By: Posted: 9/5/08 Sarah Hart Landolt Contributing writer

Manure stinks.

But it shouldn't stink as much as it does on western Kentucky's hog farms.

On Aug. 25 the Sierra Club, a national environmental group, teamed with local residents to conduct the Tour de Stench through Marshall, Fulton and Hickman counties.

The event raised awareness on odors and pollution from the hog farms and gave a voice to people who are affected by the stench.

"You wouldn't smell (the stench) until the wind blew your way, but once it did, it hit you like a brick wall," Eden Davis, graduate student from Benton, Ky., said. "It made me want to vomit."
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It is bad enough when reporters write an article that you can tell is biased to the writers opinion, but it’s down right nauseating to read articles like this. From the onset this reporter presented her opinions as fact and never interviewed those who own or work on these farms. The media is not always concerned about telling the true story of ag, which is why it is so important for those of us in agriculture to do just that.


lightninboy said...

Could it possibly be that those people complaining about the CAFO are right? If you don't think so, aren't you biased?

Troy Hadrick said...

If you read my post again Von you will notice that my complaint is that the story was written with only one point of view. If the reporter wanted to write a respectable article, both sides of the issue would have been addressed. Since that didn't happen, the only conclusion one can draw is that she wrote this article with an agenda in mind thus destroying any credibility the story had.

lightninboy said...

It seems to me that if the CAFO stinks bad, the people who say the CAFO stinks bad are biased toward the truth and the people who say the CAFO doesn't stink bad are biased against the truth. Now, the only way you would not be biased against the truth would be if the CAFO does not stink bad, right? Don't you believe that if they say the CAFO stinks bad the CAFO stinks bad? They admit that hog stink can be tolerated on some hog farms, but they're not talking about a 90-sow farm that only stinks a little bad.