Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turning Poultry Fat Into Fuel

Company wants to turn fat into fuel at Iowa plant
By AMY LORENTZEN (AP) – 23 hours ago

DES MOINES, Iowa — A central Iowa plant could soon begin producing jet fuel from poultry fat.
Bolingbrook, Ill.-based Elevance Renewable Sciences plans to build a $15 million plant in Newton, adding onto an existing biodiesel operation.

The experimental operation plans to use plant oils and poultry fat as building blocks to replace petroleum-based chemicals used to make myriad products, including jet fuel, lubricants, adhesives and even cosmetics and candles.

"It allows us to make a very interesting slate of products, which is different and somewhat in contrast to how poultry fat is used today," said K'Lynne Johnson, Elevance's chief executive. "We are taking a waste stream of products ... and using it in a higher value manner."

Using Elevance's technology, that fat could produce about 250 million gallons of products including diesel fuel, jet fuel and specialty chemicals that can replace petroleum products, Johnson said. A biofuels processor needs the fat from about 50 chickens to make one gallon of fuel. Read More

It’s exciting to see how many uses can be found for the co-products of livestock production. Not only can we accomplish our main goal of providing a safe nutritious food source, but on top of that many other products are being developed, including energy. Homegrown food and energy are two of the most important things our country needs in order to remain successful.

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Ben Klaus said...

And you can probably give at least some thanks to the horrible liberals for pushing for alternative forms of energy. Just saying... out of debates about the status quo can come new fresh ideas.