Monday, December 7, 2009

Barbi Twins Talk About Feral Horse Issue

The Barbi Twins speak out against BLM wild horse roundup
December 5, 11:53 PM Animal Welfare Examiner Reedu Taha

The Barbi Twins are joining others such as Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson, in calling on the federal government to halt roundups of wild horses in the West, insisting they are cruel and unnecessary.

The identical twin models turned animal rights activists have asked President Barack Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to permanently stop the roundup of over 2,500 wild horses in northwestern Nevada.

“We grew up on a ranch with thoroughbred horses that we raised, and before we rose to fame in the 90’s, we used to train horses and teach riding at Malibu Riding Club,” said Shane and Sia Barbi, talking about their infinite love for the animal. “Horses have been native to the wild west for 10,000 years. It is so important that people be proactive and call the Interior State Department and tell them we want the land back for what it was intended for, the wild horses.”

According to In Defense of Animals, a non-profit animal rights organization founded by a veterinarian, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is the government agency within the Department of the Interior responsible for administering and enforcing the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971. Read More

It seems as though the Barbi twins are a little confused about the story they are trying to tell here. The horses we are dealing with are not wild horses, they are feral horses. Horses did not exist here until humans brought them. Anytime you hear the term “wild horses” that is an incorrect description. The idea that we can just leave these feral horses alone and everything will be fine is na├»ve at best. Their populations are way too high for their environment. Either we will be seeing thousands of starving horses very soon, or a massive disease will knock the population way down. That is how Mother Nature will manage them if we don’t.


Carrol A. said...

You really do need to catch up with science. The information you're spouting has been proven wrong many times over. Equus Calabus evolved in North America. Many say they were reintroduced in the 1500's by Spanish explorers after dissappearing 10,000 years ago. More recent scientific evidence has proven that they have been here all along. Furthermore, the bovine species is non-native to this land. The cow evolved in Europe.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the Barbi Twins.


In my opinion BLM is an abomination, and a menace to horses, thousands of whom they have persecuted by removing them from their natural habitat and by chasing them down using helicopters. Those who don't die in that stampede then suffer in small pens. and by being sent to slaughter. Have any of you seen the small colts trying to run in the terrified herd? Have you seen one lying on the ground? I have. I don't see how anybody can look the other way from this atrocity and what has been done to horses who have been our partners forever, and who have been in every way our salvation. This is what we have allowed to be done to them, when we had a pact with horses. Our country has sunk to this uncivilized, greedy and unethical behavior which is one of the reasons we are no longer the proud country we once were.

Please write and make phone calls to save the horses from being AGAIN chased down by helicopters while some horses and colts have perished from being chased and from being confined in small pens. I question how this abominable government agency, Land Management, has the right to have destroyed thousands of horses, and to what purpose, when the Bureau is supposedly mandated by Congress to protect, not destroy, free-roaming horses and burros in these United States. They have been allowed to make these outrageous decisions and to run horses from where they deserved to live. Many of these horses were sold to abusive persons in irresponsible auctions, and many were also sent to SLAUGHTER, both in and out of this country. Healthy American horses were terrified in transit, brutally mistreated, and slaughtered. I find this sickening and insane. A compassionate, intelligent and generous offer by Madelaine Pickens was apparently blocked by the BLM, so what is the agenda? There has to be some underlying purpose for this Holocaust on beautiful, free American horses who never harmed anybody.

This has gone on for years, it is a blight on this country, and there was never any legitimate excuse for the conduct by any government agency. This has violated the law regarding the horses. I can have NO respect for a government that has allowed this and does not stop it NOW.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the single most amazing uneducated statements that I have ever seen. If you have no idea what your talking about you just need to keep your rich silver spoon mouths shut. horses were not native to the "wild west" 10'000years ago and the fact that we arnt allowed to round them up and slaughter them causes more damage to the landscape habitat and grazing lands that keep our beef industry in business. They also starve to death, inbreed, and create more inhumane conditions for themselves.

Marie said...

In response to Anonymous from Dec 8th: Only 3% of the beef in American is grazed on public lands. There is scientific evidence of horses evolving in the "wild west".

Sammich said...

What makes horses more special than deer, possums, rats, insects and other animals that we kill to control their population? Horses are animals. They are not magical noble beings. A horse is no more special than the billions of rodents that are killed yearly.

Does the government need to spend money protecting those animals too? Should farmers not be allowed to kill rats and other pests on their property just because some person likes them?

If any horses were here 10,000 years ago, they are not the same horses that are out in the wild currently. Just like a domestic cat is not native to Africa and is an invasive species, even though African wildcats exist there.

Perhaps the feral horse lovers should spend THEIR money caring for the feral horses. It shouldn't be up to the government to care for our ancestor's escaped animals.

That's like saying the government should protect the iguanas and parrots in Florida just because I personally like those animals.

Its not like these horses are close to extinction either.