Friday, December 11, 2009

Carrie Underwood Consider a Hero of HSUS

Carrie Underwood a hero for the Humane Society of the United States
December 10, 5:45 PM
West Palm Beach Pet Rescue Examiner
Sasha Muzzarelli

Carrie Underwood isn't just a country crooner whose singles are consistently at the top of the charts - she's also a friend to the animals. The winner of Season 4 of American Idol donated charitable proceeds from her digital single "Home Sweet Home" to a very worthy cause.

Together with 19 Recordings and Sony Music Nashville, Underwood gave a $200,000 check to the Humane Society of the United States on December 3rd. Underwood has made no secret of her love for animals, toting around her miniature pinscher Ace from city to city. He even has his own fan club! Says Underwood: “I’ve always loved this song, and besides being very fitting for Idol, to me, the title is also very fitting with animal rescue and finding animals their own homes. So we felt it was important to tie the release into an amazing animal charity like the HSUS.”

When celebrities lend their name and likeness to a worthy cause such as spay and neuter campaigns or animal welfare legislation, they bring awareness to the general public and hopefully, inspire people to get involved and volunteer at their local shelter. Stars such as Jenna Elfman, Alec Baldwin and Barbara Streisand have all spoken out and taken a stand to be the voice of homeless and abused animals. Link

Just think of all the great charities that could have benefitted from a gift of $200,000. Instead of donating that money to charities that could help people, especially during the Christmas season, she gave it to the richest animal right organization on the planet. She gave it to a group that uses more than 95% of it’s budget for travel and lobbying against family farmers and ranchers. She may play country music, but she forgot long ago about the country she grew up in. ~TH


-Dawn said...

Her involvement with PETA and HSUS is exactly the reason I refuse to listen to her on the radio or watch any of her performances on TV anymore. She is from OKLAHOMA for goodness sake. How she can turn her back on her own agriculture-based state is simply beyond me. I used to really like her. I did. Now I honestly do not have much respect for her at all. I know this sounds harsh, but these organizations are harsh, and when celebrity gets behind them, that makes them that much more powerful and “right” in the eyes of a non-agriculture minded individual… it sways them much easier, in my opinion. Of course, this is ALL just my opinion. :-)

Kitty Mommy said...

"Lobbying against family farmers and ranchers"? Not lobbying FOR the humane treatment of animals? Do you not think that farmers and ranchers should treat their animals humanely? Or is it just that you're against anything that gets in the way of maximizing profits? The HSUS would not spend all that money for no reason. What do they have to gain from it?

Bea Elliott said...

It's true there are ways to help animals without even spending a dime... Very simple. Want to help animals? Just don't eat them - This will relieve 95% of all animal suffering. What better contribution can anyone make towards a kinder world?

Rodeo Guy said...

I remember the episode where they went to her "home" on American Idol, and she seemed a lil' lost.

HSUS is very anti-Rural.

Here's the Hunter/Angler view on Underwood and HSUS:

Matt DiLeo said...

I agree. I'm sick of listening to activists perseverate over the comfort of animals while millions of PEOPLE are starving and dying of easily-prevented diseases like malaria and AIDS. I don't understand how anyone can live such a sheltered life to be okay with this.

HYCAT said...

I do not eat Horses but they are a great example. Horses that are not trained very much do not cost very much to buy, so people buy them thinking they can take care of them. People do not realize how much the hay to feed the horses cost. Now we hear more stories of horses not being fed enough and they are starving. I would consider this inhumane but not HSUS. Humane is in there name, but that is just to get people to donate money to them, they do not help animals like local Humane Societies. Please check out to find out a few truths about HSUS.

Bea Elliott said...

MAT kinase - You are absolutely right that the world is in a terrible mess. And that at every turn we seem to be better off than those beside us. It is a time to be grateful for what we have for sure...

This is the wonderful thing about the good we can do for animals. There is absolutely nothing that requires time, money or energy... Simply not eating animals demands nothing but the thoughtfullness to not do such. It's effortless yet means the world to some...

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
moment before starting to improve the world"
- Anne Frank-

RadicalOmnivore said...

Seems to me that farmers should start organizing protesters to egg her at public performances and appearances.
Only then will celebs think twice about pimping for HSUS and the animal protest industry.

Right now, her donation is a small investment for a lot of cheap publicity and publicity and exposure is what celebs get on the bandwagon for.

You have to make them think twice and realize they may have to pay a price.

Carrie Underwood in a few grand's worth of frock and pearls with egg goo all over her puts the farmers in control of the media that day.

Anonymous said...

Talk about "true colors"... Attacking someone with eggs - How is that any different than pooring red dye on someone's fur?

Both are unacceptable behaviors... I'm wondering does the owner of this blog approve of such "violent" tactics?