Thursday, December 17, 2009

Animal Terrorists Destroy Property in Mexico

Mexico links animal activists to car burnings
The Associated Press

Investigators have found evidence linking an animal rights group to homemade bombs that burned seven vehicles in Mexico City, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

The symbol of a local version of the Animal Liberation Front was found painted near the attacks in a residential neighborhood on the city's south side, assistant city prosecutor Luis Genaro Vasquez told the Televisa news network. An anarchist symbol was also found.

The assailants apparently tossed bottles filled with flammable liquids at cars and trucks.

Jerry Vlasak, a press officer for the U.S.-based North American Animal Liberation Press Office, said his organization receives anonymous news statements from the Mexican group but does not know who its members are because they operate secretly.

He said he had not received any statement about the car burnings, but added it would be typical of the Mexican's group actions.

"They are not vandals. They're not doing this for personal gain. They do this because they love animals," Vlasak said. Read More

They are destroying private property and endangering the lives of people because they love animals? So are the animals in Mexico now better off because they burned these cars? This is another example of how radical Jerry Vlasak and his band of terrorists are. They actively promote the use of civil disobedience and violence against other human beings. Even if someone dies as a result of their actions, they see it as justified. Anyone that would endorse this type of activity is no friend of animals or people.

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