Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buffalo School Children Attacked With PETA Propoganda

PETA delivers eye-opening message
A message delivered to Buffalo school children

Published : Tuesday, 06 Oct 2009, 6:12 PM EDT
George Richert
Posted by Kate McGowan

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - The circus is about to roll into town but not everyone's rolling out the welcome mat.

A group that fights for animals' rights delivered an eye-opening message to school children in Buffalo on Tuesday.

Right at dismissal time outside of Buffalo Elementary School of Technology, a representative of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and an elephant character with a bloody bandage handed out coloring books that said "Animals belong in the jungle" and "We don't support elephants in circuses".

"We're just out here letting people know, animals don't like to be locked up or chained. They wanna be with their Mommy, just like you wanna be with your Mommy," said Virginia Fort from PETA.

Some parents didn't mind it, some did. Read More

If PETA claims that the circus elephants want to be in the jungle with their mommy, then doesn’t that same logic hold true about pets? If PETA had any intellectual honesty (which we know they don’t have), they would have also been attacking these children for having pets and saying that dogs and cats want to be with their mommy, and they belong outside in the wild, not living in a house. These people are shameless in their attempts to attack children with their propaganda.


-Dawn said...

And what's worse is that sadly, som parents did not see this as a big deal! I would come unglued if I were a parent and PETA was pushing this one-sided, false information on my kid! Oh how I'd have loved to be an older elementary student and be able to say, "Thanks for the info; wish you could have come in and talked to us about it over hamburgers and corndogs at lunch time. They are MMM... MMM... GOOOD!"

They are SHAMELESS hypocrites!

AmyinOh said...

The comment about dogs and cats are very true concerning PeTA. They don't want any animal ownership and consider it akin to slavery no matter how well cared for. HSUS and PeTA are two of the biggest animal rights organizations in the world. HSUS just wears a nicer suit.