Monday, October 5, 2009

Nebraska Lawmakers Discuss Horse Facility

Published Saturday October 3, 2009
Horse slaughterhouse debated

LINCOLN — Nebraska could rein in neglect and abandonment of horses and spur on economic development by welcoming a horse slaughterhouse to the state, a panel of lawmakers was told Friday.

Such a facility could give horse owners a way to deal with injured, dying or unaffordable animals, members of the Agriculture Committee heard.

“Slaughter is not pretty, but it is a humane, economical way for an owner to dispose of an unwanted horse,” said Debby Brehm, Nebraska director for the American Quarter Horse Association.

Banning horse slaughter has led to greater suffering for horses and to problems with people abandoning horses, she said.

Brehm told of friends who transported two horses to a local sale barn and took them inside, only to find that two other horses had been left in their trailer, abandoned.

Larry Henning, a Gretna veterinarian, said the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association supports humane slaughter and transport because there are few alternatives for unwanted and unusable horses.

“Death is not inhumane,” he said. “Starvation and neglect are.” Read More

As with many other states, Nebraska is dealing with many unwanted horses. Those against harvesting horses will say that it’s still happening as many horses are crossing our borders to be harvested thus proving that it doesn’t help. However, what they fail to comprehend is that that option has become cost prohibitive for many. People wouldn’t be abandoning their horses if they had some monetary value left. Opening a facility in the United States would help with this situation and it would also allow us to make sure that it’s being done correctly.


Anonymous said...

Lets see if your wife hits a loose horse on the streets and is killed who do you hold responsible. Congress for listen to the majority of Responsible people or the Idiot that released the horse to begin with..

Every moran that inplants the idea of letting loose horses should be held accountable.

Mz.Many Names said...
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Troy Hadrick said...

Many Names can re-submit her comment and it will be posted if she will refrain from using inappropriate language. I don't care if you abbreviate it or not. I don't need to use language like that to share my ideas but if you do, you will have to find another place to do so.

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