Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animal Testing Saving Dogs & Hopefully People

Lucky Pet Dogs Receive Experimental Cancer Treatments Before Their Humans
By Clay Dillow Posted 10.13.2009

Animal rights activists, take note: when it comes to experimental cancer treatments, American pet dogs are now in line in front of humans, participating in trials that in several cases have destroyed cancers completely.

Dogs experience cancer in ways similar to humans, making them preferable research subjects to lab rats and mice, whose experimental settings are too regimented to reflect a human reaction to cancers. Those human-like reactions have granted dying dogs access to treatments ahead of dying humans in some cases, allaying some ethical fears while stirring up others.

Like humans, dogs suffer from various cancers that spread to form secondaries and grow resistant to drugs over time. Dogs can also relapse just as humans do, giving researchers a much better picture of how effective a drug can be at destroying a particular cancer or sending it into remission. These similarities make dogs ideal candidates for testing of cancer drugs, and as such a group of 19 veterinary institutions currently has 12 different trials underway on groups ranging from 15 to 60 dogs. Read More

This is exactly the type of animal testing that groups like the Animal Liberation Front violently try to stop. Many vegan activists in our country have also opposed any type of animal testing as well. They think this type of thing is cruel and inhumane. They would rather see your pets and you die a painful death from disease than use animals to discover new treatments. It’s important for pet owners to realize this and think about it when they are donating to supposed animal welfare organizations.

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