Thursday, October 8, 2009

Every Child Should Visit A Farm

Every child 'should visit a farm'
BBB News - Scotland
Oct 8, 2009

Every child in Scotland should have the chance to visit a working farm or croft so they can better understand the food they eat, a campaigner has said.

Hugh Raven, director of Soil Association Scotland, made the call in a meeting with Highland councillors.

He argued such visits would also help encourage more young people to pursue a career in agriculture.

The association promotes environmentally-friendly farming and food production.

Ahead of his meeting, Mr Raven said he hoped Highland Council could use its influence to ensure every child has the opportunity to visit a working farm or croft at least once.

"Very few things are more important to a child's welfare than respect for and understanding of food." Read More

If you have ever heard us speak, you know that we emphasize the importance of working with youth to educate them about agriculture. Like is mentioned in the article, we really need to let every child have the chance to visit a farm. They need to be able to meet the folks that grow their food. As I talk to people who are very critical of modern food production they all insist that the farmers and ranchers that they know are doing a good job, but it’s the farms that are further down the road that they have never been to that are causing all of the problems. That right there shows us the impact that a consumer meeting a farmer can have.

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