Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Illegal Horse Killings

Horses found slaughtered in the night near Miami, black market blamed

August 2, 2:22 PM

Horse rustling is an old tradition in the United States, but recent crimes in Florida have turned the concept on its head.

At least 17 horses have been found slaughtered in Miami-Dade County during the night when the animals' owners were asleep. Law enforcement officials refuse to speculate publicly about the motives for the killings, but owners and animal rights enthusiasts say that a black market for horse meat is probably to blame.

Richard Couto of the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has looked into six of the cases. In other parts of the country horses have just disappeared, but the thieves in the Miama area have been taking meat right off the bodies and leaving the remains of the carcasses near where they found the animals. Link

Opponents of harvesting horses claim that no one in this country eats horse meat. It’s quite obvious that that isn’t true. In fact their efforts to eliminate horse harvesting in this country have probably contributed to this problem. Hopefully though, the authorities will find out who is responsible for these illegal killings. It’s a serious crime when people’s livestock are being stolen or killed and it needs to be stopped.

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Anonymous said...

o god. I thought my horse was safe since there were no more slaughter plants here. O god! I'd die if my boy was stolen and eaten. o god. those people who r killing horses r....ooooooooooo. I hate them. :'(