Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ag In The Classroom

Teachers go to school on food production
(Mike Nederbrock/KTUU-DT)
by Samuel RosenbluthTuesday, August 4, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Local teachers spent Tuesday on a farm to learn about food production.
About 20 teachers took part in the Agriculture in the Classroom program. The class is a way to help Alaska teachers find out how food is produced and distributed.

The hope is that the experience will allow teachers to pass on the knowledge.

"We are taking a class for teachers," said Sarah Rodriguze, a 4th grade teacher. "Showing them agriculture in the Valley and how food is produced so we can take it back to our classrooms and share that with the students."

The hands-on class runs for three days and is a great chance for teachers to add to their education. Link

Most of you probably have an Ag In The Classroom project in your state or some type of similar program. It’s critical that we support these programs not only financially but also with our time and talents. Our kids in school today are being exposed to animal rights propaganda without them or the teachers even realizing it. Both PETA and HSUS have an active children’s programming component to their organizations. We need to be in the schools too, telling our story and being a resource for our teachers about agriculture.

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