Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Animal Rights Groups Tied To Terrorists

This is a summary, written by the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, of a recent report released by the Department of Homeland Security about the ties of certain animal rights and environmental organizations to domestic terrorists.

DHS Reveals NJ Based Groups Provide Cover for Ecoterrorists

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Belmar, NJ – -( NJOA E Action Alert members continue to ask that we keep them apprised of the animal extremism in New Jersey, since the movement targets fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation practices.

Yesterday I was forwarded an unclassified “For Official Use Only,” document. It is apparently from The Department of Homeland Security alleging national groups (that also have operations in NJ), and a local New Jersey group, are providing cover for “ecoterrorists.” I have read similar reporting from two premiere civil rights organizations; Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Contents from the document follow:

The term ecological terrorists, or ecoterrorists, refers to those individuals who independently and/or in concert with others engage in acts of violence and employ tactics commonly associated with terrorism to further their sociopolitical agenda aimed at animal and/or environmental protection.

From a security standpoint, the activities of the ecoterrorist movement are significant for several reasons and should be of interest to domestic security and law enforcement officials. First, Ecoterrorists have perpetrated more illegal acts commonly associated with terrorism on U.S. soil than any other known group, including al-Qaeda and radical Islamic militants.
In addition, various groups that constitute the ecoterrorist movement [Animal Liberation Front aka "ALF"] are also believed to interact, to one degree or another, with mainstream environmental and animal-rights organizations and/or individuals. Although none of the mainstream organizations officially endorses or participates in the illegal and violent activities championed by ecomilitants, some prominent members of mainstream groups are known to sympathize with the ecoterrorist movement.

Mainstream organizations with known or possible links to ecoterrorism include the following:

• Greens
• People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
• The Sierra Club
• National Wildlife Federation
• Audubon Society
• Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
• Friends of the Earth
• Greenpeace
• Earth First!
• Coalition to Save the Preserve (CSP)
• Environmental Task Force
• The Frogs
• In Defense of Animals
• New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
• Fund for Animals

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Down Load the entire report here: DHS: Eco Terrorism in US 2008

The Department of Homeland Security is taking the threat of domestic terrorism from these eco-terrorists very seriously. Some of the mainstream animal rights groups that very softly denounce this type of activity have now been exposed as having links to the terrorists. Groups like HSUS, PETA and The Sierra Club have all caught the attention of the Department of Homeland Security. These groups may talk a good game, but it’s their actions that truly show their intentions of total animal liberation.


Rick said...

Thanks for posting! Keep up the good work.

Capn Coconuts said...

Indeed. Thanks for posting.

Wait... why isn't the ALF and ARM on that list? >_>

Rachel Querry said...

Here's a link to a DHS letter that affirms HSUS' good standing, disavows that draft report and says "HSUS and the Fund for Animals are inappropriately described as having 'known or possible links to ecoterrorism,' and as 'known or suspected of having financial ties to individuals and groups associated with ecoterrorism.'

The Humane Society of the United States condemns violence. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to fight animal cruelty crimes.

AmmoLand has now backed away from their earlier post.

Anonymous said...

The letter mentioned above, from FEMA has no jurisdiction nor authority over the Presidential Executive Order which is what the DHS report is. FEMA is not DHS and has no authority to “fix” anything, much less an EXECUTIVE ORDER.

Smoke and mirrors…. mirrors and smoke.

Anonymous said... has not backed away from this post nice try Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Ammoland did not "back away" from their post. They included a letter from FEMA as requested by HSUS. A further inquiry was posted:

...explain to NJOA members the working relationship between the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance and HSUS. Evidence of a "link" or "tie" between NJARA and HSUS is articulated by the Director of NJARA in a letter included below. The Anti Defamation League (the nation's premiere civil rights organization) has reported that the Director, Angi Metler, has acted in the capacity of a press spokesperson to communicate ecoterrorism acts by groups such as ALF and others. Such a position obviously condones ecoterrorism. Mr. Markarian, wouldn't a relationship between NJARA and HSUS be a "tie to individuals and groups associated with ecoterrorism or a "link" to ecoterrorism?"

Furthermore, NJARA acted as a broker to fund the freeing of six extremists from jail - they were convicted of a campaign to terrorize a New Jersey based company along with its employees and shareholders. Coincidently, it was the office of US Attorney Christopher Christie, currently a NJ gubernatorial candidate who convicted the hoodlums. Upon the judgment Mr. Christie stated, "This is a trial victory of national importance...The verdict reveals these individuals for what they really were: thugs who went far beyond protected speech and lawful protest to engage in and incite intimidation, harassment and violence." Here is a link to one of many websites showing NJARA acted as fiduciary to free the convicts known by the acronym S.H.A.C.

Mr. Markarian, below is an email from Ms. Metler of the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance to various animal extremists and groups looking to eliminate conservation (fishing, hunting and trapping) in New Jersey. This particular email was to derail the prospect of Sundy Bow Hunting in NJ. You'll note that Ms. Metler refers to the relationship between NJARA, HSUS and PETA.

The membership of the NJOA looks forward to your response.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Letter from Director, Angi Metler, NJARA:

Dear All,

"We've been given great advice (thanks, Sue Russell) to get as many contacts from different interest groups, (trail groups, Sierra, Christian, HSUS, etc.) and go public with the press and legislature as soon as possible to combat this..." [Sunday Bow Hunting]...
"NJARA is sending letters to every legislator in Trenton opposing this, sending press releases, reaching out to HSUS and PETA and will continue to write alerts..."
"In the meantime, we need more group names would oppose this. We have the names and numbers of all the groups HSUS used the last time, but we need more..."

"Furthermore, we are also working on the possibility of opening up a chapter of the League of Humane Voters in NJ to work in conjunction with the paid lobbyist and have a meeting set for this coming Sunday to explore this..."

"If you are a representative of a group, please send your own press release out on this issue and please also send out letters to all of the legislators. NJARA can fax these for you once written..."
Thanks in advance for all your help and assistance. Thanks to everyone who has already forwarded our alerts.

If anyone needs to reach me today, please call my cell phone at -/-/--

Angi [Metler]