Monday, August 31, 2009

AR's Protest Wolf Hunting

Animal Rights Group Calling for Boycott of Idaho Potatoes

In just a few days one animal rights group is calling for a boycott of one of Idaho's biggest exports, potatoes.

The Connecticut based animal rights group is angry over Idaho's proposed wolf hunts that are supposed to start on Tuesday, September 1st.

The group called Friends of Animals is urging those in opposition of the hunts to boycott Idaho grown potatoes. The group is also criticizing Governor Butch Otter and his support of the wolf hunts.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is putting the warning out though that Tuesday's wolf hunt doesn't have a green light just yet.

A district judge in Montana still has to weigh in on environmental groups efforts to stop the hunt as part of their push to have Federal Endangered Species Act protections restored to the big predators that now number over 1,600 Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday where a final decision will be made.

The wolf hunts are supposed to start Tuesday in Idaho and on September 15th in Montana.

Idaho Fish and Game officials are asking hunters to check their website at or call the toll free wolf hunt information hotline at 1-877-872-3190 for more the latest information on the court proceedings. Link

It’s usually evident that most animal rights activists don’t have the best interests of the animals in mind by the things that they protest. Take the wolf issue for example. Rather than be supportive of proper management, they only support the absolute protection of them. But when this population isn’t controlled by humans, Mother Nature will take over and thin the pack through starvation and disease. So in essence, they would rather see these wolves suffer and die over the course of several weeks than meet their end with the swiftness of an accurately placed bullet.

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