Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anti's Attack Advocates for Ag

I'm trying not to chuckle as I type this. If you read yesterday's blog posts, you saw that I shared a story about the American Indian Tribes voting to support domestic horse processing. It has become an issue for them and they have gotten involved to make their voice heard. Apparently the mere fact that I shared this with you has made me the target of an emotionally driven, over-zealous crowd of people that disagree.
Thomas Lee Trevino from Illinois, along with a few others, took it upon themselves to lead an attack on me yesterday for posting my opinion on the subject. Apparently it's ok for him to do so, but not for people that disagree with him.

Rather than talk about the issue, the folks on this forum have decided to attack me personally. For starters, they began by linking my integrity to the quality of my website. Then they started to attack the sponsor of an event that we talke at three years ago. This was the first time that Stacy and I had ever presented in this fashion. It was a 25 minute talk that focused on teaching farmers and ranchers how and why it's important that people know where their food comes from. Never once did we talk about the issue of horse processing at that meeting.

They also don't appreciate it when I expose HSUS and PETA for what they are doing. Along with that they claim that I am anti-organic, that I have launched a negative PR campaign against the movie Food Inc, and care more about money than the health of the American public. I'm not anti-organic, but I have tried to educate people that this method of production isn't a viable way to feed and clothe 9 billion people. If people want to raise and buy organic products, I don't have a problem with that.

The fun doesn't end there though. As with most people that lack a good argument, they resort to name calling in order to make themselves feel better. Mr. Trevino says that I am a circus act and that anyone that would listen to me is also probably a member of the Jeffrey Dahmer fan club. He continues by claiming that I once told him I was from Montana and had that listed on our website, but have since changed our story and now claim to be from South Dakota. This "lie", he claims also shows my integrity. Mr. Trevino, I have never claimed to be from Montana. I am proud to say that I was born in South Dakota, went to school here and have lived my entire life in this great state. I don't recall ever having a conversation with this man, and besides that, what would I have to gain by claiming I was from Montana?

To wrap it up (so far) he goes on to suggest that I am probably cheating on my taxes and hopes that someday he can hit me in the gut without me seeing it coming. In order to do this, he suggests that everyone study me, learn my patterns and then expose my tactics.

Here's the good news. We are all lucky to live in a country that we can talk like this. There are many people in this world that don't have that luxury. I think it's also a telling insight into the mentality of these folks that would like to outlaw horse processing, at least some of them. If they would like to discuss the issue more, I am happy to do that. But it appears they would rather claim to know what I say when I present to groups and call me an evil liar. It's unfortunate that Mr. Trevino and the others would rather make up stuff about me than discuss this important matter. If you'd like to know more about me, you could just ask.

I'm a rancher with an opinion. I'm sorry that offends you.
UPDATE: Sometime this afternoon, Mr. Trevino decided to delete his original post where he stated that he wanted to punch me when I wouldn't see it coming. I doubt he had a sudden change of heart, but it's been deleted nonetheless. So in case you haven't seen it, here is the orginal post.
Tommy Lee (Trevino17)
With BIG mouths and anyone ignorant enough to listen and believe them.

Speakers like Troy and his Wife.. Hit the road flapping there lips to people who think these people really care. Please review and get familiar with there website and the actions we must counteract. You will see just how much they charge for there mouths to flap..

The have also increase there blogs to welcome horse plants.

While spreading the same lies that the Dover article that was recently printed.


Theres no need to contact them because there minds are made up.. They are all on a mission to support horse slaughter what ever the cost..

The best thing for us to do is monitor and learn there patterns to counteract and expose there tactics.

Im cutting my own foot here, but also to expose the subs and tax breaks they get in Ag.

livestock property breaks, Tractor licenses, Taxes, Titles, Insurance for road usage, CRP spendings etc. I have a ton load of uncollected taxes we can hurt the Ag and Farm Bureau..

I know there are spies on here but only release this to people you trust.

I would love to hit them in the Gut.. and them not see it coming..


Jan Hoadley said...

wow. You must have really hit a nerve of truth somewhere - the more volitile people respond the more they pitch a fit so people read the fit and not the truth.

Oh and btw- it's NOT ok that people target you. Threatening it is increasingly illegal - the whole internet bully thing.

on the horse processing I keep hearing people say they have alternative places for these 'unwanted' horses to go but never hear them say where that is. The increase in horses being dumped shows they aren't getting to their destination.

Jenny of UBetcha Apparel said...

Well said sir!

Anonymous said...

Don't they have anything better to do than attack and take out of context what people say or do, don't they have jobs? Isn't this grade school fighting I mean these protesters don't realize ag and its many industries are a big part of the economy. come on people, what a joke.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for discussing this issue fairly, straightforward, and with humane and fair treatment of those (humans) who disagree with you. I may not agree with you 100% (who in this world really does) but I can at least respect that you are respectful. :)

Just thought you might need a nice comment today!

Rachel said...

I would like to applaud you and your wife for working to present information and arguments about production agriculture in a rational, level-headed way.

I grew up on a farm with 50 horses, and while I would hate to see any of them end up in a processing facility, I also believe the slaughter facilities provide a necessary and humane way for the unwanted horse population to be controlled.

Equine events and industry are a multi-billion dollar industry in this country. For those of us that rely on our animals as a business instead of a hobby, we must continue to promote the necessity of equine processing plants - and livestock and production agriculture as a whole.

Thanks for your continued hard work.

Anonymous said...

Well you know you must be evil if you disagree with any liberal agenda. You either agree with them, or you are against them. No logic involved. All emotion, no fact. Normally, when presented with facts they can't dispute, they turn to name calling and mud slinging.
Keep your chin up! Doing good is often difficult. Doing bad or being complacent is easy.

Kelly said...

Sure is amazing that these people and organizations like PETA and HSUS can ramble on and throw a fit about whatever they want and it's supposed to be all right. But if anyone with a brain disagrees then the whole damn world comes to an end! Good for you for standing up and saying what you believe in - we all deserve a right to know BOTH sides of the stories that happen in the world. In fact if more consumers would hear both sides of the story, then PETA and HSUS wouldn't have too much of a leg to stand on!

They have no problem only showing the saddest side of any agricultural subject or opportunity that happens, but they don't dare show the humanity and the reality that go with agriculture. Maybe if more people knew how agriculture saves peoples' asses they wouldn't be so quick to put down the local farmer!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank you for what you do! Keep it up!

Dairy Woman Strong said...

Thank you for your good work and good news...these attacks are unfounded....let them complain with a full mouth...because their stories would be different if their mouths were empty.

Texas Cattlewoman said...

Please tell me you copied and paste this comment, cause he sure can't spell "their."

I happen to agree with every other comment. Keep up the good work Troy and Stacy, I love how you support Agriculture and keep me politically involved with current issues!

I too, will say, people spout rubbish until their stomachs are empty. Food does not come from the grocery store, it comes from me, the Great American Farmer and Rancher!