Friday, June 26, 2009

PETA Upsetting Nursing Home Residents

PETA: Remove chicken from nursing home menu
By VINCE DEVLIN of the Missoulian

POLSON, MT - It was a tale of two Thursdays for Debbie Siegfried, executive director at the Polson Health and Rehabilitation Center.

June 18 was a pleasant one. Several residents at the nursing home enjoyed a visit from Alex, a “therapy chicken,” and Carlita, a “therapy Cornish game hen” owned by Jana Clairmont.

June 25, on the other hand, didn't go so well.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, announced Thursday it was requesting that Siegfried scratch chicken from the facility's menu, citing cramped and filthy living conditions on chicken farms and painful slaughterhouse deaths. It offered to provide the center with a supply of a mock-chicken product in its place.

“My phone has been screaming off the hook all day long,” Siegfried said. “It's been a horrible day. It's like I did something wrong by having therapy birds in to visit our residents.”

But Siegfried said it's not her menu, it belongs to the residents - many of whom grew up on or ran Montana farms and ranches.

“You want me to tell an 80-year-old Montana rancher all he can have now is a fake mock-chicken soy product?” she said. “This is these people's home, and if they want to eat chicken, beef, ravioli or fish, it's their right.” Read More

PETA shows us time and again that they value animals more than they do human life. For them to advocate a diet that would leave out a food group, and eat an unbalanced diet shows their disregard for the people that live at this center. Many animals can serve a dual purpose for people. In this case chickens can be pets and also provide a meal for us. In the real world, that is the way things work, just the way Mother Nature intended.

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