Monday, June 1, 2009

Farm Rescue

Farm Rescue aim is just that as it expands into Minnesota
Morris Sun Tribune - 05/29/2009

Farmers are always looking out for their neighbors, especially when illness or natural disasters hit a family.

But it’s not easy today to be a good Samaritan, as farms grow larger and the schedules tighter.
That’s where Farm Rescue believes it can make a difference. And has.

“There are fewer family farms and fewer children on farms because they leave to get jobs,” said Farm Rescue founder and president Bill Gross, who grew up on a farm near Jamestown, N.D. “I remember illness and injuries when I was on the farm, and I thought there should be a formal organization to help family farmers at a time of crisis.”

Farm Rescue is a network of volunteers who will plant and harvest for free for farmers facing a crisis that takes them away from the fields.

This month, Farm Rescue planted soybeans near Hancock for the Gerald and Anita Lindgren family while Anita battles cancer.

Since its founding, Farm Rescue has helped 67 farmers with planting or harvesting. There are 22 cases in progress with year, and 15 were completed as of last week. Farm Rescue’s goal is to reach 100 cases by the end of the year, Gross said. Read More

The sense of community and family in rural America has always been impressive. And it doesn’t shine any brighter than when a friend or neighbor faces adversity and everyone pitches in to help. Farm Rescue tries to help farm families in crisis by helping with planting or harvesting. If you know someone that will need help during these crucial times of the farming year, contact this group for more information.

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