Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Fake Water Statistics About Beef

More water lies from a 'nutty vegan chef'

Commentary by Greg Henderson
Thursday, September 09, 2010

For more than a quarter of a century PETA has been campaigning to end animal use in America. They’ve utilized some aggressive and controversial tactics to convince people to become vegetarians. Yet, consumer research suggests only about four percent of Americans are practicing vegetarians, and that number has not changed much over the decades.

But PETA is not about to give up, and they’ve embarked on a relatively new strategy to tie vegetarianism to the growing Green Movement. Their recent campaigns target beef production as an environmental evil, a claim they make based on some outrageous propaganda. (I guess expecting the truth in their campaigns is asking too much.)

Specifically, PETA is working to convince Americans that “meat’s not green.” On street corners in major cities they orchestrate publicity stunts with naked girls showering behind short curtains emblazoned with the claim “1 lb. of meat equals 2,463 gallons of water.” Such stunts make for good photo opportunities for newspapers and local television stations.

The stunts also provide fodder for the journalist wanna-bes known as bloggers. Take the vegetarian chef for an online Houston magazine called culturemap Houston. Joel Luks is a Canadian-born chef who describes himself as an “intellectually curious arts advocate. Design junkie & blogger. Nutty vegan chef loving ethnic foods. Classical flutist.”    Read More

Using fake statistics about the amount of water it takes to raise cattle has become a favorite past time for animal rights groups that are trying to eliminate animal agriculture in this country. Like Mr. Henderson’s comments imply, we have groups with the mentality that if lies further their agenda then that justifies their use. To make matter worse, even institutions that most people respect as unbiased have fallen for these lies. If you remember, last July I was in Chicago when I saw an exhibit about water. A portion of the exhibit stated many things about raising cattle that weren’t true. After working with that museum as well as the American Museum of Natural History in New York, I was able to get it changed. Unfortunately there are many places where we see these claims. Every time one of us does, we need to have the courage to do something about it.

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