Monday, September 13, 2010

Miracle of Birth Center

Ten years of Miracle of Birth Center celebrated at State Fair

By Heather Thorstensen
Date Modified: 09/09/2010 8:38 AM

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn.— The 2010 Minnesota State Fair marked the 10th year of the enormously popular Miracle of Birth Center.

People come to the center to see farm animals giving live birth or to see the young stock. In the process, they learn about animal agriculture from FFA members, veterinarians and University of Minnesota veterinary students who work in the center.

Organizers say this may be the only time of year some people have a chance to learn about animal agriculture.

From 2001 until the start of the 2010 fair, there had been 1,573 births of sheep, pigs and cattle. Anywhere from 150 to 200 animals are born each year. The center has also rabbits, goats, turkeys, chickens and ducks.

Several hundred thousand people visit every year.

State Fair Board of Managers member Jim Foss thinks it's the most popular fair exhibit, saying it's second only to the fairgrounds' front gate.    Read More

We were lucky enough to be presenting our story to several hundred 4-H exhibitors this year at the Minnesota State Fair. While we were there we got to check out the birthing center. People were lined up five or six deep to see all the action taking place. It was a fantastic opportunity for agriculture to share with consumers. These are the types of things that everyone in agriculture should be able to support yet many times get overlooked for their impact.


Kimball said...

They have this same thing every year at Houston Livestock Show and it is amazing seeing kids get exposed to something they will never in there life have another chance to see.

Lona said...

Huh. My in-laws stopped at the MN State Fair in their recent travels. MIL was just telling me about the amazing Miracle of Birth Center. Neat!

Here in Michigan, we cancelled our State Fair. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Probably off the tract - but why did Michigan cancel it's state fair? Minnesota's state fair had record attendance this year - at least for the last two days. Was phenomenal. A great place for learning and socializing.