Thursday, September 2, 2010

MFA Veal Video

Animal group wants all veal farms banned

September 1, 2010


Dix Capital Bureau

COLUMBUS -- The animal welfare group that released a hidden video of an Apple Creek farm said it would like to see all veal operations banned, not just those using the crate systems currently allowed in Ohio.

"We're calling on consumers to make more compassionate choices, and one of those choices is to adopt a healthy vegan diet," Corey Roscoe, a spokeswoman for Mercy for Animals, said during a press conference near the Statehouse on Tuesday. "The veal industry is inherently cruel."

The comments came in response to questions about Buckeye Veal, the Wayne County farm placed in the spotlight by Mercy for Animals for using so-called crate systems to raise its calves.

But the farm said late Monday, in a released statement, it was in the process of phasing out the crates in favor of group housing -- an alternative that would be allowed under revamped standards Mercy for Animals wants to see implemented.

"Veal production represents one of the cruelest industries on the face of the planet," Roscoe said. "And its abusive treatment of baby calves should not be tolerated."

She added, "Even executed with the highest standards, raising veal is inherently cruel."   Read More

The problem that Mercy for Animals has is their main goal is to force a vegan diet on everyone. So no matter what type of system is used to raise livestock, they are going to claim that it is cruel. Much like the HSUS, they will never be happy and will be continually creating a crisis to drive their fundraising machine. It does no good to make deals with either of these groups because they aren’t on a time schedule and there is no middle ground with these people. All in all, this “shocking” video was a pretty weak attempt on their part and shows their desperation to stay in the news. It’s been widely advertised that veal farmers are changing to group housing systems without any government agencies forcing them to do so.

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