Friday, June 18, 2010

HSUS Sues Farm

HSUS seeks stop to Rose Acre claims

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) filed a complaint this week with the Federal Trade Commission asking it to order Rose Acre Farms to stop making "false and misleading animal welfare claims."

The complaint accuses Rose Acre, through its promotions, web sites and spokespeople, of falsely stating that the company, the second-largest commercial egg producer in the U.S., provides a "humane and friendly environment" for its hens. HSUS said this is "grossly misleading."

HSUS referred to clandestinely filmed video at three of the company's hen houses in Iowa that "found conditions starkly at odds with the cheerful claims of the company" (Feedstuffs, April 12).

Rose Acre attorney Joe Miller said the company has not yet seen the complaint but stands behind its animal welfare program "and the humane way that we treat our animals."

HSUS is an industrial activist and lobbying organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. Link

So it appears that the HSUS is now in the business of suing farms if they don’t raise livestock in a HSUS-approved way. While that’s the way it appears on the surface, the reality is that this is another tactic to shut down animal agriculture completely. They will continue to harass livestock farmers until their vegan agenda is accomplished. During that time, they will be telling consumers anything they can think of that might scare them away from consuming animal products. If farmers and ranchers aren’t out there telling their own story, this is who will be doing it for you. ~Troy


Anonymous said...

HSUS will go to any lengths to eradicate pets and farm animals, that we know. What we don't know is how much further it goes than we realize. Pet owners and farmers need to unite to fight this or we'll both suffer. Consider what's going on in dogs. 32,000 supposed shelters across the world in 17 nations are involved in "dumping scooped up stray foreign dogs" into US shelters where they are shuffled between shelters. 2 million were sold in 2009 alone. Shelters in LA are selling job lot orders of such dogs to shelters in new England particularly in Maine. The selling shelter kicks back roughly 1/3 of the sales price to the supplying shelter. This is all being done to stop US dog breeding and US dogs in one generation. All dogs involved are pre-sterilized or required to be sterilized. This is a HSUS threat in action to eradicate pet and farm animals but it goes much further than we see superficially. The push in so many localities to require separate mandatory dog insurance be purchased by all owners is also a part. Mandatory pet insurance isn't being pushed by the public or cities on their own. Animal radical groups and insurance carriers are behind the propaganda to leave animal insurance made mandatory. What farmer will next want to be hit with a separate mandatory liability insurance bill on every head of stock owned? Heads up--it's aimed at pet people currently but will be aimed at farmers next.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another sound off against agriculture by HSUS. It’s really not that much of a big deal to file a complaint, they just want to continue to harass the chicken farm and keep themselves in the news to try to get more donations. Anyone can go to the federal trade commission site and file a complaint against a business, etc. The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, collects complaints about companies, business practices, identity theft and episodes of violence in the media. I would think that clandestine filmed video, continued harassment by the HSUS, posting a video on utube without being substantiated by law officials, would all constitute more of a claim of the chicken farm against HSUS instead of the other way around.

Anonymous said...

so no one is going to comment on the fact that these chickens are treated horribly and there is proof on tape of that? maybe HSUS has an agenda against farmers or maybe people are starting to worry about where our food comes from and why a vegetable is more expensive than an animals flesh or product. another issue seems to be that some people think they can do whatever they want to the things they "own" but how can we own a free natural creature of the earth? i guess its by locking them up in tiny cages or overcrowding them into big rooms and letting them sit in their waste and on top of their dying and rotting friends. the videos that are seen on youtube and elsewhere are hiddencameras because the employees are afraid of the repurcussions. of course these videos are not substantiated by law because the laws are so weak and the enforcement of the laws against animal cruelty are even weaker. a question that comes to mind is why are there so many videos showing animal cruelty at these factory farms? why are there so many cases of this? why are there farms being shut down? its because this animal cruelty exists and persists everyday. i don't think anyone is trying to get rid of farming or pets, they are only trying to change things. i am a vegan but i do not judge people for eatting meat or do any extreme acts against people who eat meat, but i do not appreciate that the people who are raising and slaughtering our meat are using outdated and inhumane methods to slaughter and torturous methods of farming. the food is not clean, the animals are treated horribly, and the corporations keep making their billions, and this is what we put into our bodies.

Anonymous said...

As a rebuttle to the July 1, 2010 comment. The coorporations that raise these animals are not making millions. Americans spend $547 billion on american food a year and of each dollar the farmer makes a profit of 23 cents to the dollar. And as far as chicken raising, the housing facilities meet all USDA space requirements for the number of animals being housed. HSUS is fraud and people need to learn to respect farmers because we support you and every other American. People dont understand the difference between factory farms and family farms and the importance of diversity. a farm can be diverse and still have the morals of a family farm. And you said you're a vegan and that you support vegetable farmers but more than likely those vegetable farmers are also animal production agriculturalists. People are so removed from agriculture that the majority of the population does not understand the fine details of production agriculture but still seem to spout off what they have heard in the news.