Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Animal Rights Activists Destroy Denver Business

Jun 15, 2010 9:48 pm US/Mountain
Police: Animal Rights Activist Implicated In Fire

DENVER (AP) ― Police investigating a fire that destroyed a Denver-area business say they're seriously considering a claim by an animal rights activist who takes credit for it.

Police have said a fire that destroyed the Sheepskin factory in April was suspicious. Glendale Police Chief Victor Ross says his department is looking closely at a claim on a website associated with the Animal Liberation Front.

The posting by "ALF Lone Wolf" says the business was torched in retaliation for "innocent animals" killed by people.

The Animal Liberation Front is aligned with the Earth Liberation Front, whose members were convicted in a 1998 fire at the Vail ski resort that did $12 million in damage.

The Sheepskin Factory has reopened at a temporary storefront. It sells pet toys and sheepskin seat covers. Link

It’s amazing how tough these cowards think they are when they are using aliases. Yet they aren’t committed enough to their cause to use their real name. Farmers and ranchers are proud to share their names and how they feed the world because they are committed to the cause. Hopefully these arsonists are caught soon before they endanger any more human lives.

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