Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CA Winery Stops HSUS Donation

This weekend I found out that Jordan Vineyard and Winery in Sonoma County, CA was going to be hosting a HSUS fundraiser on June 5. After my involvement in getting Yellow Tail wine to stop their donation to HSUS and my now famous YouTube video I received many emails asking if I was going to dust off my video camera for another round.

But this time I picked up the phone instead and called the winery this morning. I explained who I was and what my concerns were about their planned donation. The helpful lady on the other end of the line took down my information and said she would have someone get back to me. A few hours later my phone rings and it’s none other than John Jordan himself, owner of the vineyard and winery.

Right off the bat he explained to me that they had made a mistake and were trying to fix the situation as best they could. He admitted that he really didn’t know the HSUS wasn’t associated with any dog or cat shelters. The intention was to raise money to help unwanted animals and he mistakenly assumed the HSUS did that. The truth of the matter is they don’t and Mr. Jordan understands that now too.

While the fundraiser for this Saturday night is still going to happen, the HSUS will not be receiving a penny of the money that will be raised. All proceeds will be given to local pet shelters that will actually use the money to help pets.

While there’s no word on whether or not Wayne Pacelle will still be attending the fundraiser, the good news is that those who need the money the worst and can use it best will be getting it.

Tonight I will be raising my glass to John Jordan and his family for realizing their mistake and making it right.


Sarah said...

Hi Troy,

We at the Animal Ag Alliance also spoke with Mr. Jordan this afternoon, but we didn't get the same response. He indicated that the money from Saturday's gala would still be going to HSUS but that he would take care when choosing future organizations to support. He even said that he would contact the Alliance before selecting another animal organization.

Mr. Jordan also told us that HSUS had agreed to put all the money raised during Saturday's event towards hands-on animal care programs.

So, while Mr. Jordan was very courteous and spoke highly of animal agriculture, HSUS will still be receiving the funding from Saturday's gala. (As far as we know!)

MichaleenFlynn said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Following the story closely on FB, good work!

Veronica L said...

Just talking to people can get most issues resolved -- like the direct approach. Good for you, and good for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Troy, can you follow up and see if HSUS is still benefiting from this event and let us all know? I do not want to support them if it is still up in the air. They have the power to pull their support and I for one want to know if they have. Thanks!

Harmony Heaton Cox said...

Thanks Troy! Keep fighting the fight. We appreciate you and Stacie!

Dannielle said...

Troy, heads up. they didn't mean a word of it. issued a formal statement, it on the last page of their Discussions tab on FB- according to them, it's HSUS's event, not theirs, and all the money is indeed going to HSUS

Peggy said...

Troy - I received a post today that indicates the event will still benefit H$US. The post came from a Ms. Mattson at Jordan.

Troy Hadrick said...

Here's the update. I talked to John Jordan yesterday again. He realizes now that he has made a mistake in thinking that the HSUS actually helps unwanted pets. Unfortunately he has learned the truth to late to back out of the event. So even though it is still going to take place neither he nor Jordan Winery has or ever will donate to the HSUS. He is also going to be directing any donations that he collects at the event to local pet shelters.

This is a great example of how the HSUS uses the confusion surrounding their name to gain donations. The good news is that Jordan Winery has learned their lesson and will never support the HSUS in the future.

I've had several conversations with Mr. Jordan by phone and email. He is a very sincere man that is trying to make the best out of a bad situation. We need to continue educating people about agriculture and those who are trying to eliminate it. If we do a good job at that, situations like this won't happen anymore.

Mary said...

Thank you for the June 3 Jordan Vineyard update. I feel that the HSUS ability to confuse people about their purpose will be hard to flag. People are unsuspecting when it comes to helping and freely give their resources. HSUS takes advantage of good well meaning people.
Thank you for talking with the Jordans.

Dannielle said...

Troy, he's lying to you.

SF Gate did a story over a year ago about the relationship between the Jordans and HSUS- he's well aware of who and what they are and has hosted other events for them. Wayne is even quoted in the article about what a "fabulous table" she sets. they're thick as thieves.
also the page for the event on HSUS's site specifically states the event is to raise money for their MAKING HISTORY campaigns- which clearly say "BALLOT MEASURES"

I'm filing a complaint for charity fraud with the the CA Attorney General's office and encourage everyone else to do the same.