Friday, March 19, 2010

MI Gov Response Lacking

Michigan Governor Response To Meatout Day Interview Request

I just spoke with the Liz Boyd, press secretary for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. I had called to obtain a short audio interview regarding the Governor’s decision to declare March 20, Michigan Meatout Day. I sincerely appreciate her calling me back so that we can better understand what in the world caused a Governor to make such a resolution.

Liz, however, refused a recorded interview saying it was “unwarranted.” She says that the Governor gets lots of requests to issue such proclamations and this was nothing unusual. She also told me that the request came from a local field representative for Meatout which is a program of FARM, Farm Animal Rights Movement. Their theme this year is, “Eat for Life – Live Vegan!”

Liz than told me the Governor would be issuing another proclamation making Saturday, March 20 a day to celebrate Michigan agriculture. When I asked if she realized that the Governor’s resolution urging citizens to not eat meat was detrimental to Michigan agriculture she acknowledged that it was but said that with March Madness she was sure that lots of burgers and hot dogs would be eaten on Saturday.

Amazing. I would characterize the conversation as “rushed” and had a feeling that she thought my questions and comments were “silly.” Unfortunately when the government takes this kind of thoughtless action it has negative consequences. Michigan’s farmers and ranchers deserve better and I hope they get it.

I would encourage you to let the Michigan Governor know your thoughts. Michigan Farm Bureau and the Michigan Agri-Business Association already have done so publicly. You can leave comments on her Facebook page.

There are some states where having the governor promote a meatless day wouldn’t surprise me. Michigan, however, wouldn’t be one of them. In a state with a destroyed economy that has nothing but agriculture propping it up right now, Gov. Granholm decided to attack a portion of that and force it to suffer unnecessarily. Now that the backlash has occurred, they are trying to blow it off as some kind of a joke, refusing even to do an interview about it. I somehow doubt that the people involved in agriculture in Michigan will forget this the next time she asks for their vote.


Adam Wagner said...

Tomorrow morning on the Fox News Channel Michigan Farm Bureau President Wayne Wood will be giving an interview @ 9:20 am. He will be talking about the governors decision to make the 20 meat out day. Thanks for your help Troy!

Lona said...

Those of us in Michigan are NOT surprised. Our esteemed governor has been neglectful of ag, at best, and outright hostile to it at times.

Fortunately, she won't be asking for our votes anytime soon. She's term limited out as governor, which is part of the problem, I suspect. I imagine all her aids are busy looking for new jobs in an economy where there are very few to be had. I understand there's a high demand for farm hands, however. Wonder if they'd like to apply for those jobs...