Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MI Governor Declares "Meatout Day"

Granholm's meatless day proclamation grinds Farm Bureau
Mark Hornbeck / Detroit News Lansing Bureau
March 16

Lansing -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm proclaimed Saturday a meatless day, and the Michigan Farm Bureau is having a cow.

Wayne Wood, president of the Farm Bureau, in a tersely worded statement, called the governor's proclamation for Michigan Meatout Day "unconscionable" and "an insensitive slap in the face to Michigan's livestock and dairy farmers, not to mention Michigan's meat-eating residents."

Liz Boyd, Granholm's press secretary, countered that "people may be taking this too seriously."
Boyd explained the governor receives many requests to make proclamations and she tries to accommodate as many as she can. This request came from the Michigan director of the Great American Meatout, she said.

"We've had an agriculture tourism month and an egg farmers' day," Boyd said. "And next month is Michigan Wine Month, although I'm sure some people might find that objectionable."
But Wood is not amused.

"It's inconceivable to us that the governor could stoop to this level of telling people what they should and shouldn't eat based on the philosophies of " he said. 'food elitists,'

"It'd be one thing if Granholm proclaimed a day to promote increased consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. But the governor clearly crossed the line in recklessly singling out meat products for nonconsumption and belittling this wholesome source of protein."


In an almost incomprehensible move, Gov. Granholm of Michigan has declared National Agriculture Day as “Michigan Meatout Day” in her state. The state has been ravaged with unemployment and families that are struggling every day to put food on their tables and she decides to promote an activity that would encourage even more of that to happen. I would suggest that you may want to drop Gov. Granholm a note telling her what you think of her support of veganism.

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Ron said...

She must not be running for reelection. Incomprehensible, unbelievable, and a few other words come to mind. Gov. Granholm catering to the small minority of voters who are vegans or vegetarians, and to declare the "meatout" the same day as National Agriculture Day, is about the dumbest political move I've seen (outside of Washington DC, of course.)