Monday, March 1, 2010

Rep. Zack Space's Lettter to Wayne Pacelle

Ohioans have spoken about animal care
Congressman Zack Space • 18th District • February 28, 2010

An open letter to Wayne Pacelle, president of Humane Society of the United States:

Dear Mr. Pacelle,

I was disappointed and troubled to hear of the recent decision by the Humane Society of the United States to move forward with attempts to further their political agenda and force it on the people of Ohio. This news proves that clearly you and your organization have not been listening.

HSUS was obviously not listening when residents across the state of Ohio spoke in one voice -- overwhelmingly supporting Issue 2 and ensuring that Ohioans regulate our own standards for animal care. HSUS was obviously not listening when a majority of Ohio's federal and state delegation endorsed the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board -- overwhelmingly denouncing the HSUS' efforts to undermine it. And HSUS was obviously not listening when farmers across the state of Ohio weighed in on this disastrous policy -- overwhelmingly opposing it.

In addition to a majority of Ohioans, Issue 2 also had great support among Ohio's legislators, Governor Strickland and groups representing animal interests, including The American Humane Association and the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association. It is unconscionable to me that an outside group would come into our state and claim that they know better.

The OLCSB was created just four months ago with a strong mandate by the people of Ohio, and it would be wrong for it to be hijacked by overzealous special interests based out of Washington, D.C. Our board will ensure that livestock and animals in Ohio are treated humanely and that our agricultural producers -- a major sector of Ohio's economy -- are not unfairly penalized with unacceptable regulations.

The experts that will make up the OLCSB are the best sources for determining Ohio's minimum standards of care for our animals, and not a liberal group whose real intentions are less about animal care and more about control over what we in Ohio eat.

Your attempts to dictate our state policies regarding animal care are misguided, and I will not stand for them. Ohio's standards of animal care should be determined by those who know the issue best and have a vested interest in the outcome -- Ohioans.

I joined the farmers of my district to support the passage of Issue 2, which passed with almost 64 percent of the vote on Nov. 3. Ohioans statewide have spoken. It is clear exactly where they stand on this issue.

Mr. Pacelle, Ohio has spoken. Why haven't you been listening?

Regardless of party or position, Ohio's elected officials have adamantly against Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS coming to Ohio trying to hijack the very popular Livestock Care Standards Board before it's even been formed. Thank you Congressman Space for defending rural America and farmers and ranchers against this vegan animal rights group.


Anonymous said...

Rep. Space, it seems while people were donating and our goverment officials were filing new laws that HSUS wrote and helped to pushed through our goverment that affect all animal owners, someone was asleep at the wheele. We are telling all our government officials now, HSUS is a vegan animal rights social movement and it is world wide and has nothing to do with animal welfare. When HSUS starts peddling their abuser of animals and a public registry, realize this is just one more way to make animal owners stop raising animals. It seems HSUS knocks on ones door, takes animals and no charges are filed. This leaves people without their horses, cows and pigs and that is that. HSUS is now being sued with a RICO suit. I hope more of our government officials wake up to the fact of what HSUS real agenda is. NO MORE ANIMALS use by "humans"! Thank you for your stance.

Rosebud75093 said...

Rep. Space,

We would hope that you will be willing to share this information with everyone you know, including as many legislators at all levels that you possibly can. Even those outside of Ohio, if those contacts exist. These types of legislative initiatives are being introduced at all levels, in far too many states these days. We fight a worthy battle, but far too many legislators are not aware of the true agenda being presented by HSUS. Thank you for your letter and thank you for speaking the truth.