Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WI Lawmakers See Empty Plates

Ag Groups to Educate Lawmakers on Humane Society's Impact
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/24/2010

Several Wisconsin farm organizations are going on the offense against animal rights groups by meeting personally with state legislators to talk about the negative impact the Humane Society of the United States has on production agriculture.

On Wednesday, members of the Wisconsin Pork Association, Dairy Business Association, Wisconsin Soybean Association, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association will be delivering a letter to members of the State Assembly and Senate that calls into question the activities and actions of the HSUS.

One of the objectives of the campaign is to educate the public that the HSUS is not an animal shelter, but rather a lobbying organization. The letter points out that many people donate to the group thinking the funds are going to help animals in a shelter, when in fact most of the money goes to funding the efforts of HSUS--many of which are anti-animal agriculture.

The farm groups will also be handing out empty plates to signify the damage production agriculture faces when HSUS-supported policies become law. Link

The image of an empty plate is a great way to symbolize what would happen if many of the anti-ag groups got their way. It will take all forms of agriculture and continued advancements in technology to ensure we can produce enough food for everyone to eat. Until I see people volunteering to stop eating and wearing clothes, then agriculture must be allowed meet that demand. Advocating for policies that will require half of the world’s population to starve seems reckless to me.

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