Monday, February 1, 2010

Cattle Blood To Save Soldiers Lives

Cattle blood used in treatment experiments
By Jeff Martin - (Sioux Falls, S.D.) Argus Leader via Gannett News Service
Posted : Sunday Jan 31, 2010 14:14:52 EST

A South Dakota bio-tech firm is using blood byproducts from cattle to develop new ways of treating injured soldiers on the battlefield.

The technology could also save lives after natural disasters such as the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti, company executives say.

"It could help a lot of people in mass casualty situations where blood loss and wounds that need to get healed are a problem," says Steve Tye, vice president of operations for IKOR Inc. "This is a drug that can be stored for years so it can be delivered on the first flights out there."

IKOR aims to use hemoglobin from cattle as its raw material to develop blood replacement products for injured soldiers, Tye says. The goal is to heal their wounds more quickly and effectively, partly because the products can help deliver oxygen to the wound. Read More

I always enjoy sharing stories such as these that show just how much animal agriculture continues to improve the human condition. The edible product we get is just part of benefit we receive. Pharmaceuticals derived from livestock play a very important role in improving human health. Especially when it comes to providing our soldiers with the very best medical care, we need to utilize resources such as this. I would much rather see cattle being used to feed and heal people than seeing those same people die. Unfortunately, the life of an animal is more important to some than the life of an American soldier. ~Troy

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Mz.Many Names said...

I hope that they have screened the blood well for BSE and TB;