Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aussie Media Reporting On Yellow Tail Donation

Yellow Tail donation gets website wagging
15 Feb, 2010 10:41 AM
(This is from an Aussie new site, AreaNews.com)

IT SEEMS Casella Wines' American honeymoon is over, with the Yenda-based company finding itself at the centre of a bizarre backlash after a donation program went horribly wrong.

The saga began with good intentions when the US branch of Yellow Tail announced it would donate $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The problem is, HSUS is widely regarded to be a militant vegan organisation that, rather than actually helping animals with the donation, would spend it on lobbying the government, violent raids and attempts to eradicate agriculture.

The response was explosive.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance released a statement claiming only $4000 of the donation would go to animal aid, while Dallas web commentator Caleb Schultz took aim on his popular agriculture blog.

"The problem is, HSUS simply don't do much to help animals - they continually push their extreme vegetarian views on the American public and basically want to see animal agriculture cease to exist. The bottom line is, they want you out of business if you're a livestock producer," Mr Schultz wrote. Read More

On a daily basis more and more media outlets are reporting on Yellow Tail wines disastrous decision to donate to the HSUS. Because of the grassroots effort by farmers, ranchers, pet owners, outdoorsmen and many others, the HSUS is being exposed for who they really are. While it may be easier for the Casella family to ignore what is being said in the US, this latest article in an Australian newspaper will harder to look past. We need to keep these efforts moving forward. Please visit with your local businesses that sell wine to let them know what is happening and contact your local media as well. It’s probably too late to stop HSUS from getting this donation but the bigger story here, and the one HSUS is most worried about, is how this will affect future corporate donations. You efforts up to this point have them running scared, let’s make them pick up the pace even more.


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What HE says:


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Interesting that H$U$ endorses the current nutty notion that 'dogs have a bigger carbon footprint than an SUV' but fail to see the hypocrisy of harvesting/producting/importing their own product all the way from Uruguay.

Guess when they're gouging the public $18 for under 7 lbs of veggie nuggets (heck, you could feed your mutt fresh BEEF for that price!) they're all about the bottom line.

But, what am I saying? It's the H$U$--when are they EVER about anything except the bottom line?

Friends don't let friends waste money by giving it to H$U$.