Monday, November 2, 2009

Antibiotics Increase Food Safety

November 1, 2009
Restrictions could make food less safe
By Don Villwock

Livestock farmers across Indiana and the U.S. are absolutely committed to the production of safe, affordable and abundant food. To do this, farmers must have access to approved, safe and effective technologies, including animal health products.

That's why Farm Bureau opposes HR 1549 and S 619, the legislation currently before Congress that would restrict the use of antibiotics. Rather than protecting the efficacy of antibiotics and the safety of our food, the legislation:

Won't reduce the incidence of antibiotic resistance.

Won't result in a safer food supply.

Will make it harder for farmers to raise healthy animals that will, in turn, produce healthy food.

Might result in food that is less safe for human consumption.

Livestock farmers do not routinely overuse antibiotics in animals. When Indiana Farm Bureau saw the accusations against livestock farmers being used as justification for this legislation, we asked livestock producer members if they use antibiotics at the levels that critics claim. The answer? A resounding "no." Read More

Antibiotics are a great tool that, when properly used in livestock, benefit all of us. These exaggerated claims of livestock being pumped full of antibiotics are frustrating to hear when we know it isn’t the truth. In addition to that, the reasons that antibiotics are used is much different than the claims that say it’s because of the diet we feed them. This is absolutely one of the most commonly asked questions I get from consumers. It’s a confusing subject for those not involved in animal agriculture and it’s especially important that we share this information with them.

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Anonymous said...

There is evidence from the Danish study that discontinuing antibiotics resulted in increased productivity for the farmers and a reduction in anbiotic resistance.
Subtherapeutic use is irresponsible, and all the fear mongering about food safety are lies. Abuse of antibiotics leads to billions in increased healthcare costs and 30-60,000 deaths a year!