Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Animal Rights Terrorists Threaten Univ. of MN Researcher

Group targets U of MN animal scientist
By JIM SPENCER, Star Tribune
November 9, 2009

University of Minnesota police have increased patrols near the home of a Medical School animal researcher after a posting on an animal rights activist website displayed his name and photograph and noted that "... we should not be surprised when the unconscionable violence inflicted upon animals is justifiably visited upon their tormentors."

The Internet posting went up late last week on the website NegotiationIsOver.com in reaction to a Star Tribune story about a multimillion-dollar national campaign by biomedical researchers, including U Prof. Dick Bianco, to increase lagging support for medical and scientific tests using animals.

"The university police are patrolling around my house now," said Bianco, an associate professor of surgery and director of experimental surgery. "The FBI is involved to assess the threat."

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Just last week, Wayne Pacelle suggested to a crowd of HSUS supporters that the use of violence would help force their agenda across the country. Now we have vegan animal rights terrorists targeting a medical researcher at the University of Minnesota. Because university employees and their families at other campuses have been violently attacked, these threats are taken very seriously. These vegan animal rights terrorists have stated in the past that they will try to accomplish their goals by any means necessary, including life threatening violence. ~TH

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