Friday, May 8, 2009

Tauscher Family Farm Tour

May 7, 2009
Tauscher farm gives kids a taste of rural life
Tours a tradition at farm near Pittsfield, WI

By Nathan Phelps

PITTSFIELD — A group of about two dozen fourth-grade students stood in a semicircle around Al Tauscher, a pair of bare metal bulk tanks for milk behind them.

After explaining how the milk is collected, analyzed and eventually taken to market, he took a few questions from the students — including how the controls for the equipment in the milk house work, what components make up milk and how farmers are paid for their product.

These types of tours — on Wednesday it was a group from McAuliffe Elementary School in Bellevue — have been the norm on the Tauscher farm for the last four decades or so.

That firsthand look is a piece of the education puzzle used by educators and the dairy industry alike to give students — and adults — an up-close look at the dairy business.

"We just want people to know," said Ray Tauscher, one of the brothers that make up family farm milking about 250 cows. "We want to give them the information so when they go out and something confronts them they can say, 'Hey, I was on a farm that's not really how it is.'

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Inviting school kids out to your operation to teach them about agriculture is an incredible way to leave a lasting impression. There is no better way to promote ag than to let these kids see, touch and smell it. Congratulations to the Tauscher family for taking the time to tell their story and give these kids this fantastic opportunity.

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