Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blaming Livestock Housing

Disease Risk Reduced By Modern Livestock Housing

The head of the Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA) has criticized animal activist groups for using the H1N1 virus in an attempt to advance the anti-animal agriculture agenda. AAA Executive Vice President Kay Johnson Smith said while activists are blaming modern livestock systems, the disease has not been found in a U.S. animal.

Smith explained modern housing protects food animals from predators, disease and weather stress. She said the structures are clean and scientifically designed to meet the animal’s specific needs, including temperature and light.

“These facilities are better for controlling and reducing diseases than allowing animals to have uncontrolled interactions with wild animals and other potential disease vectors,” said Smith.

She said attempting to connect modern animal production to the current flu outbreak is “a huge stretch and is completely irresponsible.” Link

It wouldn’t matter what type of housing or non-housing system we were using when H1N1 came on to the scene. The anti-animal agriculture groups want to abolish our industry. They have learned that fear is the best way to force their agenda on our society since it leads to irrational reasoning. So no matter what crisis they create or comes along on its own, they will find a way to connect it to modern animal production.

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