Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On The Road

Stacy and I have a very busy schedule for the next couple of weeks. We will be speaking in several states including Delaware, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Arizona. That is if the weather and the airlines cooperate.

We leave tomorrow to attend the Regional Women in Agriculture Conference in Dover, Delaware. They are expecting a great crowd and we can't wait to share our thoughts with them. From there we fly to Bismarck to attend the ND Farm Bureau's Young Farmer and Rancher conference. They have a very strong program in North Dakota and we are excited to speak to them. After being home for a day, we fly out to Phoenix. We were asked to attend a meeting being hosted by the Academy of Veterinary Consultants to share with them what we have been doing to promote agriculture. They are having several speakers there to discuss the challenges facing animal agriculture and to look at the best ways to communicate the truth about our industry.

Returning home after only a day and a half down there, we will jump off the plane and into our outfit to head to Minnesota. Their Farm Bureau Promotion and Education team are having a meeting in conjunction with the Young Farmer and Rancher conference. We have the privilege to visit with both of them while we are there. We have some great friends back there and are looking forward to meeting new ones.

Finally, we will be headed to Sacramento, CA for the American Farm Bureau Federations Young Farmer and Rancher Leadership Conference. Stacy and I serve on that committee and can't wait to see our Farm Bureau friends from all over the country.

With all of the traveling ahead of us, I may not be able to post on this blog everyday. But please keep checking back. I will do my best to keep the information flowing for you.

I have really enjoyed keeping this blog and enjoy hearing from those of you regularly read it. Keep the comments coming and let me know if you hear of an issue that you think I should post.

Your Friend in Ag,


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