Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Death Threats

Calif. probes threats against animal researchers

Monday, January 12, 2009
Davis, CA (AP) --

University of California, Davis, officials are on alert after an animal rights group says it sent letter bombs to two researchers.

The scientists work in the university's Primate Research Center. A group calling itself Revolutionary Cells — the Animal Liberation Brigade posted the bomb warnings on the Internet on Saturday.

Authorities say the group used pipe bombs in 2003 against an Emeryville business that was doing work for an animal testing company. The bombs did minor damage and no one was injured. The group also was blamed for an unsuccessful attempt in 2007 to blow up a UCLA researcher's van. The FBI considers it a terrorist organization.

University spokesman Andy Fell says no suspicious packages had been found as of Monday.

This is what animal rights groups have had to resort to. Threatening researchers and their families with letter bombs and other bodily harm is how they operate. If you have to use fear to convince people to agree with your position, you should probably reconsider your views. We need to continue supporting our university researchers in their quest to improve the human condition.

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