Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Educating About Livestock

Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009
Jefferson farmer spreads awareness of farming through calves' births

by Connor Adams Sheets Staff Writer

An average of two calves are born on Charles Brandenburg's 600-cow farm in Jefferson every day.

And each September since 2003, people who attend the Great Frederick Fair have had the opportunity to witness the miracle of life firsthand at the cow birthing center, which is supplied about 15 pregnant cows each year by the farm.

On the Brandenburg farm all pregnancies are natural — no artificial insemination techniques are used — so any cows that happened to conceive in mid-December will be likely candidates for the 2009 fair.

Becky Brashear, the Great Frederick Fair's executive assistant, said the birthing center is one of the most popular of the fair's attractions, and that it offers significant opportunities to generate public awareness of, and interest in, agriculture.

"That's the only reason for it, really: to educate people about agriculture," Charles Brandenburg said while driving his white pick-up truck through his farm's dirt roads on Tuesday. "I think people need to know where the milk and meat is coming from." Read More

These types of articles are my favorite ones to post. I wish I could find more of them. Congratulations to the Brandenburg family for stepping up when the opportunity arose to educate the public about livestock production. I would hope that all of us in production agriculture would take advantage of an opportunity like this. And if you haven’t been asked to do something like this, create you own ways of sharing the incredible story of agriculture.

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